Design to help local kids

We teamed up with one of the largest Gymnastics Clubs in the UK, Leeds Gymnastics Club, to design and launch their brand new curriculum for primary school kids. The club has so many members and even their waiting lists are filling up so fast that it was obvious that the demand for gymnastics is there so therein was born a schools program. It focusses on bringing a modern day twist and a bit of fun back to the school hall!

We built on the existing LGC brand but expanded the colour palette to include a brighter cyan. We also carefully selected a fun new header typeface to make the curriculum all the more fun for the teaching staff delivering the program.

These kids should think themselves lucky, we were forced to smash our knees into a solid wooden box and told it was fun 🙃🙃

In all seriousness, LGC have recently been named 'Club of the Year' by British Gymnastics and so if your child goes to school and you'd like them to incorporate gymnastics into the curriculum or if you're a teacher that's interested, just drop LGC an email to