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Property company branding: Top Tips

When starting a new business, it's easy to spend forever on Pinterest collating images into a moodboard, dreaming of how your brand is going to look. But beyond simply looking OUTSTANDING... how can branding subconsciously influence the perception of your business in the eyes of your future clients and customers?



As experts in colour psychology we can tell you confidently - orange is the colour of high energy, enthusiasm and excitement. Now we've met Alex & Charlotte of Suffolks Surveryors and we can tell you, that's exactly what they are - so let's communicate this to customers! Pairing the highlight colour of orange with a deep blue, the colour of stability and reliability, it's the perfect combination of what to expect from their service.

Are your brand colours communicating the right message for your target market?

Typeface choices

With property being a particularly tough sector to stand out in we specifically chose a friendly, slightly rounded sans-serif font for the big, bold logo for Suffolks - Fat Frank.

We spent a long time considering which font to pair with a sans-serif heading to create the perfect balance of legibility and professionalism. A serif in the shape of ITC Usherwood would do perfectly. Serifs are commonly used for documents with a lot of text - in Suffolks case - contracts, terms and even letterheads would all use a serif. In contrast to the logo and heading font which is more rounded and friendly, this serif brings a more serious edge which is what a client would expect really. This reflects the company - friendly on first impression but day-to-day get the hard work done so you don't have to worry about it.

ITC Usherwood is a serif typeface designed by Les Usherwood in 1984. The design features sharp, pointed serifs and an extremely large x-height. It is the perfect compliment to the logo font.

FatFrank is a sans-serif typeface designed by Jeff Schreiber of Dutch foundry Regular Bold Italic. The design was inspired by early twentieth century geometric sans-serifs and features thick, heavy strokes with slightly rounded corners.

Are you utilising typeface choices to subliminally communicate to your clients or customers?

These are just two ways to communicate your core values as a business. There are so so many more that we at Oslo HQ think about every day.

Below is just a selction of designs crafted for Suffolks.

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