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Shuro Shirin is a brand new, traditional, Persian, frozen-from-fresh, ready meal range producer based in London. It's mission is to make Persian cuisine accessible for everyone.

The more modern logo that we created mixed with typeface selections, colour palette and brand pattern - inspired by original Persian tiles and dry brush typefaces really create a vibrant and bold first impression.

The packaging design for the first 11 products (with many more in progress) was a huge task. We used fun ingredient illustrations and bright colours to reflect the flavours within Persian cuisine that really do pack a punch.

We also arranged the photography, styling and art direction for all product and range shots now seen on the e-commerce website, designed and built by us.

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Alongside design tasks, we also manage all 5 of the Shuro Shirin social media platforms plus email newsletter designs.  


You can keep up to date with our content creation for Shuro Shirin by viewing their instagram here. 


From running competitions and speaking with bloggers to shouting about the many benefits bits of Persian cuisine - it's all there in beautiful, bold colour.